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Rialtic is working to create a gig economy for healthcare insights.  Our open platform enables developers to create and deploy healthcare insight apps using popular languages of their choice.  Our patent pending technology keeps clients sensitive data (PHI) safe while providing developers with the tools to create and deploy quickly right from GitHub.

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The key responsibilities of Insight Engine Developers are:

  • Work with health care policy subject matter experts to create Insight Engines that can run on the Rialtic platform and upload reference data
  • Collaborate with our platform engineering team and product leaders to find the fastest paths to generating customer value
  • Work with our technical writing team to identify documentation improvements that will help our gig community quickly learn how to create Insight Engines
  • Develop methodologies to enhance Insight Engine quality and design
  • Collaborate with our community leaders to understand and respond to the needs of our development and curation communities
  • Prepare and present management reports on the status and progress of activities against goals
  • Work discipline through issue management
  • Documentation skills and discipline