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The Team

Our team reflects our belief in quality over quantity. Some of our past projects have resulted in publications and patents, have been featured in the press, and have been deployed with well-known brands. We do few things, but we do them extremely well:

  • Machine Learning -- Deep Learning / AI / RNNs
  • Computer Vision
  • Product Strategy and Product Roadmap
  • MVP Development

We're a small team that's about making an outsized impact. We embrace diversity, investing in our employees, and flexible work schedules. We aim to enjoy our work and deliver beyond expectations. If you’re a technologist who wants to work on projects that make a difference, please reach out to us. 

The Role

Currently, we’re looking to hire a Software Development Engineer (ML) on an independent contractor basis. Titles can be arbitrary, so you should consider yourself a good fit for this if:

  • You have a familiarity with computer vision / machine learning, and an interest in developing your skills there.
  • You enjoy solving research-grade problems at scale, for real business impact.
  • You’re comfortable proposing end-to-end technical architectures that balance modularity, scalability, operations, security, and cost.
  • You understand that clarity and simplicity -- in code and in communication -- are worth striving for.

As a distributed team, some key qualities are particularly important for all of us at Hop Labs:

  • A strong sense of ownership and initiative
  • Clear and consistent communication 
  • A collaborative mindset 
  • Clear thinking and attention to detail for complex projects
  • Comfort with operating independently as well as part of a small, targeted team

For this role specifically:

  • Open to all backgrounds, though machine-learning background preferred
  • Intermediate to senior level 

If this role sounds like a good fit for you, please reach out! We’ve made an effort to create a hiring process that is low-pressure, skills-focused, and compatible with the other commitments in your life.

The Process

To apply, please email [email protected] with an introduction and a description of what you’re looking for in the next stage of your professional development. 

In your email, provide a link to either your resume or an updated LinkedIn profile. GitHub / Kaggle profiles are also great if you have them. Our team will respond with more information and next steps.