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Credit Glory is a fully remote team looking for a proactive, experienced Senior Rails Full Stack Developer to join our expanding core group. You’ll assist in the development of improvements to Credit Glory’s CRM, Proprietary Dispute Process & Customer Portal.

We’re the fastest-growing credit repair company in the United States; completely bootstrapped & profitable (with no outside capital). 

Every day, over 10,000 unique visitors land on our website and call / chat to inquire about credit repair. We have thousands of active subscribers that use our Customer Portal & Proprietary Dispute Process.

We also have an incredibly robust and experienced sales, customer service, executive & development team.

Your responsibilities will include working closely with our CTO & CEO to develop new, innovative & exciting features (+ improve existing ones) that help improve our customers’ financial future. 

What We’re Looking For:
  • 7+ years experience with Ruby and/or Rails
  • Experience with Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Experience with React is not mandatory but is a plus
  • Good experience with testing - both unit, integration, and E2E
  • Good working knowledge of Postgres. 
  • Previous experience working remotely
  • Analytical, pro-active & problem-solving skills (along with extreme attention to detail)
  • Great written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to receive & administer constructive feedback

What You’ll Do:
  • Working both with a complete set of requirements, epics, user stories & sometimes directly with stakeholders to achieve business results
  • Design and develop well-tested code
  • Increase overall code quality across all our products

What You Can Expect:
  • Monolithic legacy Rails app (codebase is ~3 years old)
  • Our core system runs on Ruby 2.7 and Rails 5.2 (for now, we’ll be upgrading)
  • A lot of integrations - Twilio, Chargebee, LOB, etc
  • Other internal marketing-related apps that support our growth
  • Twilio Flex - React app we customize
  • Few other utility apps in React

Team Traits

  • Accountability: We never say something is “not our problem”. If it’s our customer’s problem, it is our problem, too. We never drop the ball.
  • Attention to detail: We do excellent work every time, and help each other strive for this excellence.
  • Ruby expertise: We write Ruby code that metaprograms our customers' Ruby code, and which has to run on multiple versions of Ruby and JRuby.
  • Collaboration: We work closely together and believe in the power of pairing. It’s a great way of sharing information and ensuring quality. And it’s more fun!
  • Strong Communication: Being an autonomous team in a larger organization, with all teams working well together, requires strong communication. We write proposals, specs, and retrospectives. We give talks, and we demo the work we are doing.
  • “Second Job”: Our “first job” is the job we were hired for (all of the above). Our “second job” is helping those around us to succeed at their jobs. Balancing first and second jobs make us smarter, more effective, and happier.

Not Sure If This Is You?

We are particularly interested in having a diverse team, with a broad set of skills and viewpoints. If this seems like you, but you're not sure if you qualify, apply anyway! We'll carefully consider every applicant that takes the time to apply for this specific position. We'll either move forward with you, find other teams that might be a better match, keep in touch for later opportunities, or thank you for your time.

When you apply, be sure to include a cover letter telling us what interests you about this position and why you think it would be a good fit for you. Cover letters matter to us — we really read them

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