DevOps Engineer - Global Health Data Platform

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Job description

The DHIS2 release team are looking for a DevOps engineer to support and expand ongoing automation processes, as well as assisting with test and release activities across the DHIS2 ecosystem. ​This is a junior to mid-level position.


Core responsibilities will be maintaining and developing tools for process automation under the guidance of the QA and Release team.

The processes cover areas such as:

  • Infrastructure management for the DHIS2 testing, training and development environments.
  • Automated and "self-service" deployment of DHIS2 software to test infrastructure
  • DHIS2 software release packaging
  • Deployment of DHIS2 metadata packages to test infrastructure
  • DHIS2 metadata release packaging
  • Support for documentation generation
  • Support for localisation in software, packages and documentation​

Qualifications and skills

The ideal candidate will have a degree in computer science or equivalent and one or more years experience with DevOps-related automation technologies, in particular:

  • Scripting
    • Bash
    • Python
  • Web technologies
    • HTML/CSS
    • Javascript
    • Nginx
    • Tomcat
  • Infrastructure Automation
    • Ansible / AWX (Tower)
    • Terraform
  • Cloud Services
    • AWS
    • OpenStack

In addition, we are looking for someone with the following personal qualities:

  • Excellent problem solver
  • Fast learner who can adapt to different technical challenges
  • Motivated to support the team
  • Strong communication skills


Remote or in Oslo, Norway.