3 simple steps for hiring a Palestinian tech contractor

Aug. 27, 2020

I often get asked how to hire a Palestinian tech contractor. Here I break down the process into three simple steps.

1. Find the contractor

Tech Contractor

If you are interested in finding a Palestinian contractor, Palestine Tech Jobs is the only platform for posting jobs aimed specifically at Palestinian tech professionals:

  • The Website - averages 3.5/4k unique visitors per month. 80/90% of these visitors are from the Palestinian territories. 
  • Facebook group - well over 2,000 members (currently at 2,181 - increasing every day). Members are instantly notified as soon as new jobs are posted.
  • Weekly email newsletter - over 600 core subscribers who receive the latest tech news and recommended jobs on the platform.

2. Draw up the contract

Contract with glasses

This part is pretty simple: you can use the existing document your company uses for contractors or download a subcontractor template from an online service such as Rocket Lawyer.

3. Setup international payment

Person holding mastercard

International payments to contractors in the Palestinian Territories has not always been straightforward.

Fortunately the process has become much easier with payment services like Payoneer which has been in operation since 2005 and is partnered with Mastercard. 

Payoneer is an attractive option because if both the company and the contractor have Payoneer accounts, the transfer is completely free and usually takes place within a couple of minutes.

Just remember that on the Palestinian side they must an annual fee for the pre-paid Payoneer Mastercard debit card and also extra fees when using the card to withdraw cash from an ATM. So it might be worth factoring-in these additional fees when finalising the contract.

Next steps:

For more information on the details we need from you and how much it will cost to post your job on Palestine Tech Jobs, contact me here: [email protected] 

(Prices available in both UK pounds and US dollars).


Note on affiliate links: This guide includes an affiliate link for Payoneer. By using Payoneer to transfer money after clicking on the link you are supporting Palestine Tech Jobs (a social-impact focused business) at no extra cost to you.