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Daniel Easterman, CEO / Founder

Palestine Tech Jobs is a for-profit jobs board and online community aimed at connecting Palestinians in the tech industry with job opportunities in the UK and other developed markets.

Previously I studied and reported on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as both a journalist and academic over several years in the UK and West Bank.

In 2015 I decided to switch careers to software engineering and web development, working for a number of startups in London ranging from restaurant bookings to insurance and fintech.

Ever since then I have been fascinated by how software and technology can be used as tools to promote change and address specific economic problems in the Middle East.

One major problem faced by Palestinians is unemployment.

Over 3,000 engineering and computer science students graduate every year from major Palestinian universities and yet more than a quarter of young Palestinians struggle to find a job. In Gaza the situation is even worse with youth unemployment hitting 61% in the last quarter of 2019.

Meanwhile, despite the ongoing Covid-19 health crisis, global demand for software engineering talent is likely to reach new highs in the very near future. Every major company around the world now relies on technology to innovate and remote work has become the new normal.

The wider Arabic-speaking world in particular is also set to grow in importance for both international and regional tech companies alike. The Arab region as a whole represents a market of 350 million people with smartphone penetration expected to reach 70% in just a couple of years.

Palestinian knowledge workers are uniquely positioned in terms of language, cultural understanding and technical skills to build products and software for this region.

The aim of Palestine Tech Jobs is to provide a platform to connect and accelerate Palestinian engagement with these emerging opportunities.

If you would like to get in touch or learn more about Palestine Tech Jobs:

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